MCI (Medical Council of India) estimates 56% of practitioners in India are unverified. This opens up patients and hospitals to enormous risks of fake practitioners and wrong treatments. For the current system, it takes humungous amounts of time and resources to verify healthcare practitioners and start taking their services.

We at MedPiper are solving the trust and verification issues in the global healthcare ecosystem, one country, one medical establishment, and one healthcare practitioner at a time. We believe that healthcare practitioners and connecting them seamlessly to the rest of the ecosystem are very important.

So at MedPiper, we are innovating on behalf of doctors and other health care practitioners, while they do one of the most important jobs on the planet, saving lives. We are working on cutting-edge AI to solve trust and matching issues in the global healthcare ecosystem, at scale.

The modern doctor not only treats patients but also aspires to connect with peers to learn about what is happening in their industry, publishes and shares medical knowledge, and connects with the wider industry. Due to the misallocation and a fundamental data gap in the industry an average doctor also fails to give enough time and priority for upskilling, learning from peers, finding better jobs, publishing their insights, and enhancing their career.

There are nearly 1 million doctors and health care practitioners in India and more than 18 million in the world with whom we aspire to work in the next few years to radically imagine how the healthcare ecosystem connects with each other and manages precious resources.

What is MedPiper?

MedPiper is building a state-of-the-art modern knowledge graph of pre-verified and peer-authenticated professionals and practitioners. At MedPiper, we leverage AI and blockchains to enable the verification of profile credentials by peers, educators, and employers, and match those verified profiles to anything from job requirements, to upskilling opportunities.

What have we achieved?

In less than a span of a year, we are working with more than 1.5 lac healthcare practitioners from 11 countries and have nearly 1000 hospitals on our network. We have served more than half a million patient outcomes in the months we have been active.

We want to scale fast and work with more than a million practitioners in the next year while onboarding thousands of hospitals and other healthcare entities. Sounds ambitious? We are building just the team for this task. Currently, we have a team of 20 world-class builders, working in technology, operations, growth, and sales.

Does someone really believe we can do this?

We are backed by Y Combinator, Cornell, IIM Bangalore, and some of the top startup founders in the world. We are trusted by the top healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and medical associations.

Want to know what are we building? Reach out to us at [email protected]